Conferences & Workshops

Conferences & Workshops

Be part of our conferences where will be stated the most relevant and latest technologies into the communications world.
Round-table discussions about the tv, internet and telecommunications in general, such as regulatory issues for pay tv operators, phone networks, OTT, etc.
Ask for our workshops about manufacturers, hardware distributors, and software developers gathering all together in one place for your needs.
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Here are some of ConvergenciaShow MX 2019 Speakers

Dr. Abel Hilbert Sánchez
Presidency Office, Head of the coordination and innovation economic analysis
2019 Speaker!

"A competition and innovation ecosystem with more services to users benefits have to continue"

Fabiola Peña Ahumada
2019 Speaker!

"The public media are enabling tools for essential rights in order to continue with the democracy exercise, and the institutions must protect them, and always ensure its politics independence, due its origin and motivation are on the citizen".

Victor Pavón
2019 Speaker!

"The digital economy development is transforming the market and industries in a huge way. The global digital economy is the main driver in the telecommunications evolutions for the coming years."

Mtro. Mario Germán Fromow
Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones Commissioner
2019 Speaker!

"The 5G ecosystem must be treat as a worldwide matter, in order to create market conditions that allows more applications and quality services for more users".

Miguel Calderón Lelo de Larrea
2019 Speaker!

"Before thinking in 5G we should fix the spectrum cost issue and the local authorizations in the Country"

Arturo Robles
Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones Commissioner
2019 Speaker!

"the cyber-trust is the cornerstone for the sustainable digital Economy development"

Mtra. Gisela San Juan
2019 Speaker!

"We are working in a diagnosis about ecommerce and digital financial inclusion"

Lic. Ernesto Piedras
2019 Speaker!

"Investment is the key game, if there is any fiscal policies we can not talk of a digital policy"

Mtro. Javier Allard
Asociación Mexicana de la Industria de Tecnologías de la Información (AMITI) GENERAL DIRECTOR
2019 Speaker!

José F Otero
Latin america & caribbean director 5G AMÉRICAS 
2019 Speaker!

"In the next 5 years the 95% of the mobile phone users will be using bandwidth of 10 Mbps or more”

Mtro. Sóstenes Díaz González
Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones COMMISSIONER
2019 Speaker!

Dr. Gabriel Székely
2019 Speaker!

ConvergenciaShow 2018 CONFERENCES!

We invite you to watch the last edition conferences in our streaming section

Salomón Padilla

"Convergenciashow is the effort of more than 7 year, seemed impossible to reach where we are now: make to coincide the public and private telecom and radio industry actors to share, integrate and innovate"

Irene Levy
Observatel PRESIDENT

"Telecommunications are essential in the life of a country and a digital agenda is needed"

Mtro. Mario de la Cruz
Canieti Former President

"In the next 5 years we will have 102 millions of mobile connections, which ones 81% will be smart phones"

Luciano Pascoe
ADN 40 Director

"The tv has the responsibility of make a double-check in the information that is broadcasted, this does not happen in social media"