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Blog  |  10.07.2019

“We Have Renewed All Our Spectrum Concessions in Mexico”

Ana de Saracho O'Brien, Director of Regulation at Telefónica, describes Mexico's evolution in regulatory terms.

“We Have Renewed All Our Spectrum Concessions in Mexico”
Ana de Saracho O’Brien, Director of Regulation at Telefónica

How is Telefónica’s role in the Mexican industry evolving?

Telefónica is very committed to Mexico. We have just renewed all our spectrum concessions, which, although we are in the process, is practically a fact. The company is very committed; we are fighting for some regulatory changes that we believe are important to develop the full potential of this sector, not from Telefónica’s side, but in general.

In the end, for us the issue of the spectrum is the input to provide services, however it is something that has prevented us from being able to invest more, because there is also an issue of competition in this sector. We are still very committed to Mexico and we are going to give everything we need to be and continue in this market and gain participation in order to provide a better service to our users.

What are the main challenges in the region?

In our regulatory agenda, the most important part is the cost of the spectrum. The Institute issued a report in which they hired an independent consultant to do this analysis and the result was that prices in Mexico are high compared to other countries. This is where we want to make a change.

The other part is focused on the issue of preponderance and the effects these have on the market. We present a work as a proposal, very serious and analyzed, putting hard data on the table of what can and cannot be done. How is the annual revision of these measures, must pass the processes, in the theme of rights is a topic that depends on the congress and the annual budget.