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Blog  |  19.07.2016

The Importance of Expanding Culture and Diversity

Within the framework of ConvergenciaShow.Mx, different representatives of International TV channels highlighted the importance of disseminating universal culture via signals from all the territories of the globe.

The Importance of Expanding Culture and Diversity
Ángeles Pérez of Newsline Report, Víctor Reyero of TVE, Karina Melikyan of RT, Manuel Méndez of DW, Roberto Pérez of Alterna TV y Lygie De Schuyter of TV5

With a presentation developed on the first day of ConvergenceShow.Mx, they highlighted that international channels bring audiences and cultures closer together, in addition to making known the multiple contents that are generated and consumed by audiences in different latitudes

These bring audiences and cultures closer together, as well as making known the multiple contents that are generated and consumed in different latitudes.

“It is important to present our offer and that other audiences know what is generated in other territories. Being able to bring our contents also brings us closer to the niches of these countries and their cultures, which allows them to feel close to their origins”, commented Lygie De Schuyter of TV5 France.

Likewise, Karina Melikyan from RT Russia, highlighted: “The interest of distributing our signal, is to show the quality work, as well as different contents that give relevance to the events that arise in other places”.

On the other hand, Andrea Huggemann from Deutsche Welle Germany, said: “For us, it is a privilege to carry the sign of Deutsche Welle Germany, and highlight the work and quality we develop, since we are a global proposal of communication. We produce a 24/7 channel in Spanish, due to the penetration that our signal has achieved in the Latin American market”.

Víctor Reyero of TVE said, “The dissemination of universal culture is fundamental for TVE. Through our range of channels, we present the best of their programming, as well as content that is making a name for itself in the entertainment world”.

At the end of the presentation, the conclusion was reached that generating our own content and broadcasting it through international signals are a priority for growth within the industry.

“Our signal is fed by original content for the most part, and by some alliances with international production companies. Unlike other channels that fill their grid with cans and repeaters, Canal U is betting on content generated by Uruguayan and independent talent, which has led us to win an Emmy for original content”, Pablo Scotellaro from Canal U Latinoamericana.