September 1-3, 2020


Blog  |  19.07.2016

ConvergenciaShow.Mx Began: An Integrating Event for the Telecommunications Industry

The new meeting point for the sector was formally inaugurated after the ceremony and the cutting of the ribbon by the IFT Commissioner, Adriana Sofía Labardini.

In front of an auditorium full of attendees from different Latin American countries, Jesus Villaseñor Gutierrez, ATIM President, inaugurated with a speech the first edition of ConvergenciaShow.Mx, the only tradeshow in the country that aims to be the annual meeting point of the entire Mexican industry of operators and licensees of Pay TV, Telecommunications, DTH, Regulators, Content Providers, Programming and Technology without distinction of size, organized by the American Consortium of Exhibitions.

Accompanied by Adriana Labardini, IFT Commissioner, along with the Director of Markets of the Superintendence of Telecommunications of Costa Rica, Cintia Arias Leitón; the Vice-Minister of Communications of Guatemala, Cristian Alexander Aguilar; the president of the Federation of Mesoamerican Telecommunications Association (FATEM), Roy Salazar, and members of telecommunications regulators and operators from El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, Villaseñor Gutiérrez said that this event brings together in a “convergence for competition and share experiences, with the new challenges of the telecommunications industry, in the only event of its kind in Mexico”, made up of three thematic days (business, technology and regulation).

ATIM’s director said that telecommunications is one of the engines of development of the communities. “Thus, from the association, we have promoted the growth and modernization of our members, so that rural and suburban areas where they are present have a variety of quality services at affordable prices,” said Villaseñor Gutiérrez. “However, it is fundamental to generate strengths for unity and to successfully advance in this industry to guarantee growth, development and modernization in favor of the users. That is why we also join the Mesoamerican Telecommunications Federation,” he added.

In front of the audience, IFT Commissioner Adriana Labardini said that the industry is expanding its borders and horizons in a context of globalization of media and content. “Today not only do pay TV, internet and voice services converge in two-way networks, but also online platforms, which for the moment are complementary and not substitutes in Mexico, and social platforms that are more disruptive because of the type of formats and content,” she said.

“Two-way cable systems are perfectly designed to be interactive, to listen and respond to audiences that are now also producers and not just consumers, derived from a more participatory communication model,” said Labardini, who added that regulation must also be rethought and allow for evolution and innovation, respecting the process of free competition and competition. “But here we must find revenue streams that allow sustainability and the creation of innovative content, which requires new cost models, businesses and value chains,” he said.

After the official cut the ribbon of the commercial exhibition, a climate of effervescent business was opened in the corridors of the mall and the talk between regulators and operators to reach a point of balance.