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Blog  |  12.07.2017

The Second Edition of ConvergenceShow.Mx Begins

Before a full audience, the telecommunications industry integration event was formally inaugurated after the event and the cutting of the ribbon, where ATIM highlighted the launch of its Pro Ti TV channel and the incorporation of FTTH from several partners.

The Second Edition of ConvergenceShow.Mx Begins
(Español) Roy Salazar, María Elena Estavillo y José Zuno Cuellar en el corte del listón

Before a full audience, ATIM’s president, José Zuno Cuellar, opened the event organized by the American Exhibition Consortium that brings together the Mexican telecommunications industry among which there are cable operators, DTH, Pay TV licensees, Regulators, Content, Programming and Technology providers without distinction of size.

Accompanied by the IFT Commissioner, María Elena Estavillo, and the president of the Federation of Mesoamerican Telecommunications Association (FATEM), Roy Salazar, and members of the telecommunications regulators and operators of El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, Zuno Cuellar recognized all those entrepreneurs who with their struggle made possible what ATIM is today, including the founders, and highlighted that “the effort and joint work bear fruit”: under their first year in office, they strengthened their ties with the regulatory bodies of telecommunications policy, such as the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT). “This broke with the glass box that did not allow a constructive dialogue, resolving doubts regarding regulation and the new law, and allowing our networks to permeate the market,” he said. In addition, since last June, ATIM has had a seat on the Infrastructure Committee coordinated by the Secretariat of Telecommunications.

On the other hand, ATIM’s associates were able to lease some real estate from the Federal Government that could be strategic for their growth plans and to obtain ATIM’s standard contract before Profeco so that associates can comply with the requirements both in Cable TV and Internet service.

As for the commitment assumed to modernize the suburban networks to move from cableros to dateros, Zuno Cuellar explained that they achieved an agreement with leasing companies that allows them to have access to equipment and networks of last generation, providing the necessary resources for the investment that leads to the modernization. “Today we have partners who provide their rural and suburban populations with FTTH technology, which guarantees high-quality connectivity,” he said.

He announced that on Thursday, July 13, they will launch Por Ti TV, a national channel with local roots, as part of ConvergenciaShow. “This project is the result of the collaboration of all the channels of our partners, which will have an 8-hour transmission schedule, offering them to all the associated systems and complementing their local channels”, he indicated and underlined the work to Newsline Report and American Exhibition Consortiums to improve and continue the ATIM exhibition.

In front of the audience, FATEM’s president, Roy Salazar, said that “besides entertainment they bring knowledge to each area of their countries and be the vehicle that with social sense will offer those who want to citizens with services and shake hands with each of our customers; being the last mile and know the needs of users”. “The industry is transforming but not decreasing. We must transform ourselves”, said the head of FATEM.

For her part, the IFT Commissioner, María Elena Estavillo, said that the industry is expanding its frontiers and horizons in a context of challenges with new technologies and business models. “This event is a reflection of the effervescence of our sector with great opportunities and a place for investment and initiatives,” she said.

After the ribbon cutting of the commercial exhibition by the officials, a climate of effervescent business was opened in the corridors of the mall and the talk between all sectors, before a large attendance of executives of programmers and suppliers of technologies and operators.