September 1-3, 2020


Blog  |  07.06.2018

New Players and New Opportunities

An overview of the new information analysis tools and how they can transform the business of generating content

New Players and New Opportunities
Miguel Oyervides of Latin Network and Alejandro Rojas of Parrot Analytics

To begin with, Alejandro Rojas, Regional Director of Parrot Analytics, said that there are new players and new opportunities in the market. There are also new agents with the capacity to invest.

There is an abundance of content, but limited attention. “The connection between consumer and content determines success. We capture the consumer journey by using big data, which is consumer behavior reflected in new metrics.

He explained that Parrot breaks content down into its basic elements and then converts it into data that is pure gold when planning marketing strategies for content. “Ours is the science of popularity as a source of learning.

On his part, Miguel Oyervides de la O, general director of Latin Network, presented this platform for content consumption of small channels, such as the case of a channel in Sahuayo, Michoacán, which could not be known without this source. He explained that Latin Network is a platform that broadcasts television signals from small and medium-size populations, bringing information, culture and entertainment from Mexico to the world with 100% local content, promoting the traditions of each region.