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Blog  |  05.06.2018

ConvergenciaShow.Mx: Digital Platforms Will be Fundamental in Transmissions

The news channels, affirm the importance of maintaining live coverage to capture the audience, as well as alliances with foreign players to strengthen their brand.

ConvergenciaShow.Mx: Digital Platforms Will be Fundamental in Transmissions

Arturo González, General and News Director of Telefórmula; Luciano Pascoe, Director of ADN 40; Francisco Ramírez, Director of MegaNoticias TVC; Roberto Velázquez, Director of El Financiero TV; Héctor Zamarrón, News Director of Milenio TV; and Omar Aguilar, News Director of Acustik TV, were part of the panel ‘The news channels in Mexico, facing the presidential elections’, moderated by Ángeles Pérez-Aguirre of Newsline Report México.

In this debate, the executives highlighted the importance of social networks and content on digital platforms, although this does not monetize yet. Signals such as Telefula and Acustik TV, said that their offer will be strongly supported by social networks, while the other signals will bet on technical deployment to generate more live content.

“We made the decision to be a news platform, giving a context and a news verification unit, something that later came as We are a team designed to not only deliver a news story, we try to have analysis”, commented Roberto Velázquez, Director of El Financiero TV.

On the other hand, Héctor Zamarrón, News Director of Milenio TV, assured that they will reach different audiences: “We prepare programming for the elections, covering different targets. To do journalism with character, under that principle we have two mantras: one of them is that Milenio’s screen is always alive with live programming, besides the fact that real time coverage attracts audience. We made strategic alliances with El Universal, as well as co-productions with Nexos and the University of Guadalajara. It is important that our newsrooms coexist with the networks, but this is not an offer that monetizes. The live show that was previously only available on TV, we now explore alliances with the networks and other distribution channels. As long as we are relevant we will continue to be everywhere.

In his speech, Luciano Pascoe, Director of ADN 40, added: “We are facing the biggest election in history, so it is a great challenge because of the gigantic deployment; the secret is how to approach people, since it involves building a new information model. To develop a grid with national journalists so that people could identify with them, secondly to build plurality. We will deploy 45 reporters throughout the country, more than 18 hours of transmission, supported by a very important component, the deployment of technology.

Meanwhile, Omar Aguilar, director of Acustik TV News, added, “We have been in business for four months, with an offer headed by Brozo’s news, which will be broadcast by Azteca America for the United States. In digital we have the portal ‘La neta noticias, a social network based media with thousands of followers. As an alternative to this, we develop short content that is generated on TV, branded and made viral,” he concluded.