September 1-3, 2020


Blog  |  11.07.2019

ConvergenciaShow.Mx 2019 Concludes With Nearly 4 Thousand Attendees

The tradeshow, which brought together more than 65 brands in four days, increased its capacity for professionals in the telecommunication industry. Workshops, presentations, market analysis, networking and channel and product launches were part of the event.

During the different activities and presentations, officials and executives highlighted the expansion of coverage and its difficulties, narrowing the digital divide, spectrum allocation and the high cost of it; as well as the growth of competition.

“This year we have grown to four days, although many have been reduced, we are the only convention in Latin America with this increase. The level of exhibitors was maintained and we increased the number of visitors to 4 thousand. The balance is more than positive and we have a very good perspective for 2020,” said Rafael Val, director of ConvergenciaShow.

As for the level of visitors received by ConvergenciaShow 2020, the executive said: “The market has been divided, we have cable operators, ISPs, OTT’s managers, many types of visitors from the audiovisual sector in general. With this fragmentation, players such as cable operators, are in a process of giving a faster and more effective broadband, in addition to understanding that the pay TV was left as a complement to other services. The programmers, face the great problem of concentration that they are suffering, and that the competition has been consolidated in a very strong way”, concluded.

On the other hand, Salomón Padilla, ATIM’s VP, added: “We surpassed each and every one of the expectations in this edition. The first point to highlight, despite the anticlimate business, social and political climate, was to mark a place of propositive business. We are going against the current and what is happening, but in a favorable way. For social and rural coverage, ATIM is partnering with Hughes, which is a giant step for us as suburban and rural operators”.

“We also saw the issue of financing and training with Promtel. We already have a meeting with Nacional Financiera to see the growth of suburban and rural networks. We are working very hard on that. The short-term objective is to grow; there are people who have already found the value of being with us. The second is to convey the message of the needs of the suburban and rural operations, to the authorities. That we have regulation that allows us to advance in the provision of products and services, as well as the growth of networks,” he concluded.